02. November 2019

TEDxPrague 2019


About the Event

Disharmony is at the beginning of everything.

Without a tension of contradictory views, without the intense dialogues and controversy, things would not get done and there would be nothing new. Past century, together with deep history, offers plenty of evidence highlighting the importance of disharmony. After all, the greatest technical progress has been made during the most challenging times. Today's society tends to be more divided than a few decades ago. A person who wants to succeed in today's rushed world has to choose their form of "fight", whether he or she is competing for a challenging professional position, starting a new business, or just chatting while having a beer with friends.

But is every disharmony fruitful? Are we lacking a unified foundation, a solid ground where we all could meet? Aren’t we missing a harmony that could bring us all together?

This year's TEDxPrague will focus on the role of disharmony as a conflict as well as necessary dialogue.
Nevertheless, we will look at the meaning of the word disharmony from different perspective; just taking off the first three letters gives us the word “harmony” which has the power of bringing seemingly disparate worlds together.

Even today, disharmony is one of the most important elements of life – from the start to the inevitable end. It requires a change of attitude, effort, but also great courage. It is not easy, but this change often creates a new form of so needed harmony. And that's the ultimate point.


Forum Karlín
Pernerova 51-53
186 00 Praha 8


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Schedule & Speakers

  • Oliver Scott Curry


    Do you also often wonder whether you are acting morally at this very moment? And who should be the judge of that? And is there only one morality, or can we look at it from multiple perspectives?

    Oliver Scott Curry explores the nature, content and structure of human morality and sees it as a set of biological and cultural solutions to the problems of cooperation and the recurrence of conflicts in human social life.

    Oliver is not only a researcher at Oxford University or the London School of Economics but also a Research Director of the Kindlab Research Center, which examines and measures kindness in everyday life.

  • Kateřina Černá Grofová


    There is still not enough talk about life in the knowledge of death and finality in Czech society. Death is dealt with more from a medical or abstract philosophical point of view, but there is a lack of the "ordinary", universally human, everyday view and relationship to death. Death really affects all of us regardless of profession, IQ or size of the property.

    Soon after Katerina´s inner life turned upside down after her encounter with death, she learnt about Zen meditation and embarked on an adventurous discovery journey. It led her to leave the IT company she worked for, to volunteer in a hospice, to live in a Buddhist monastery, to walk a pilgrimage and many other important experiences. In 2012, Catherine returned to the Czech Republic and founded the initiative “At the End of the Breath”, in which she accompanies the dying and the bereaved and creates space for exploring end-of-life issues. Since 2018, she has also been a member of the association To the Roots, which is dedicated to natural burial and last farewell ceremonies with respect for people and nature.

  • Miloslav Lujka


    The world of the Internet and constant connectivity. A place where artificial intelligence interferes with mankind. We are all in it, sharing information about ourselves, and whether we know it or not, we reveal ourselves. A place where good and evil meet, and it is necessary to both defend and protect ourselves…

    But is there a perfect way? Can a person win over a machine? What do we know about security as “common” users and why would a hacker want to attack us and our devices?

    Miloslav Lujka has been working on the Cybersecurity theme for 12 years and, among other things, appears on television and writes articles on the topic. He also founded the Digital Fortress - a non-profit project, which aims to fight for a safer online world, as well as to educate on the security of the digital world.

  • Tomáš Halík


    The dispute of faith and unbelief has been described by Goethe as the main drama of our culture. Today, however, it is not a conflict between groups of believers and unbelievers, but it takes place in the heads and hearts of individuals. In contemporary postmodern theology and philosophy of religion, a new direction is being developed where faith is seen as a free choice representing the courage to walk confidently into a cloud of mystery and paradoxes.

    Mons. Mons. Prof. PhDr.Tomáš Halík Th.D., dr.h.c. will introduce this, for many unknown worlds, to us.

    During the communist regime, he was involved in both religious and cultural dissent and was secretly ordained a priest. After the year 1989 he travelled to all 6 continents to both study and lecture, he was hosted as a visiting professor at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, and others. He was appointed an advisor to the Pontifical Council for Dialogue with the Unbelievers by Pope John Paul II. and the Honorary Papal Prelate by Benedict XVI.

    Today he is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, he has received many prestigious international awards and he is also a professor at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. He continues to write, and his books have been translated into 19 languages. Finally, he is the president of the Czech Christian Academy and parish priest of the Academic Parish and vice president of the council for research in Values and Philosophy in Washington.



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