02. November 2019

TEDxPrague 2019


About the Event

Disharmony is at the beginning of everything.

Without a tension of contradictory views, without the intense dialogues and controversy, things would not get done and there would be nothing new. Past century, together with deep history, offers plenty of evidence highlighting the importance of disharmony. After all, the greatest technical progress has been made during the most challenging times. Today's society tends to be more divided than a few decades ago. A person who wants to succeed in today's rushed world has to choose their form of "fight", whether he or she is competing for a challenging professional position, starting a new business, or just chatting while having a beer with friends.

But is every disharmony fruitful? Are we lacking a unified foundation, a solid ground where we all could meet? Aren’t we missing a harmony that could bring us all together?

This year's TEDxPrague will focus on the role of disharmony as a conflict as well as necessary dialogue.
Nevertheless, we will look at the meaning of the word disharmony from different perspective; just taking off the first three letters gives us the word “harmony” which has the power of bringing seemingly disparate worlds together.

Even today, disharmony is one of the most important elements of life – from the start to the inevitable end. It requires a change of attitude, effort, but also great courage. It is not easy, but this change often creates a new form of so needed harmony. And that's the ultimate point.


Forum Karlín
Pernerova 51-53
186 00 Praha 8


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