Petra Wünschová

Founder of Centrum LOCIKA


Petra received her degree in art therapy but has spent a large portion of her professional life helping children and families that have experience violence in the home. She worked for more than 15 years at an undisclosed reception centre for those who have suffered violence at home. Based on her experiences in this field, Wűnschová founded, and still leads to this day, Centrum LOCIKA, the first specialized children’s centre for those who have been threatened with family violence within the Czech Republic. 

Petra loves to work with pictures and her body, loving any form of movement and despising stagnancy. She chronically believes in a happy ending and thus, she searches for hope in all things, even in places that seem hopeless at first glance. Among other things, Petra's work with trauma victims has taught her a lot, proving that if children are given a safe place to live and an authentic relationship, we can stand to learn a lot from them.

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