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Why partner with TEDxPrague? 

As a TEDxPrague partner, you will get a unique chance to join in a direct dialogue with an interesting and valuable audience, passionate, open-minded people from your community. 

Becoming a TEDxPrague partner means sharing our vision of spreading ideas which are meant to change the world for the better. If you decide to support the spreading of TEDx ideas, you will become a part of a global community, which gives you a chance to benefit from individual and tailor made communication in connection with TEDxPrague events with positive effects on your CSR. 

TEDxsters organize events neither from political reasons, nor for financial or personal profit.


Jiří Vodička
+420 605 200 304

Fields of interest of TEDxPrague audience

General partner - Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna, an important banking institution, continues in the long tradition of credit unions and savings banks which have been operating in Bohemia since 1825. One of the reasons, why the company was established, was to help people stand on their own feet, and we are proud to announce that we proudly acknowledge the same values today. Our aim in the field of education is to improve the competitiveness: We support education with approximately 10 million CZK every year. Moreover, we have been striving to improve the quality of education of natural sciences and technological subjects through Depositum Bonum Foundation which has 21 regional centres at its disposal. Thanks to Česká spořitelna Foundation, we are able to help those, who the society turned its back on – We have already given more than 210 million CZK to the needy. We have been breaking down the barriers not only on the way to our services, to give an example- we more than doubled the number of ATM adapted to meet the needs of blind people to 610 in total. in  2014.

One of the ways to popularize and intensify the support of education and competitiveness is the general partnership with TEDxPrague innovative conferences, joined by Česká spořitelna in 2014. 

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