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Why partner with TEDxPrague? 

As a TEDxPrague partner, you will get a unique chance to join in a direct dialogue with an interesting and valuable audience, passionate, open-minded people from your community. 

Becoming a TEDxPrague partner means sharing our vision of spreading ideas which are meant to change the world for the better. If you decide to support the spreading of TEDx ideas, you will become a part of a global community, which gives you a chance to benefit from individual and tailor made communication in connection with TEDxPrague events with positive effects on your CSR. 

TEDxsters organize events neither from political reasons, nor for financial or personal profit.


Robert Renč
+420 737 213 561

Fields of interest of TEDxPrague audience

Product partnership

NordPass is developed by Nord Security, a leader in the global market of cybersecurity products and is on a mission to develop affordable digital security products with focus on detail: simpler, nicer, faster, and safer. Our product partnership with NordPass ensures we can keep our digital data safe.

Marketing platform for e-mail and omni-channel communication. We helps clients communicate with customers via email, SMS, Facebook or Instagram. Simply, automatically and with individual care.

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