About TEDx Prague

What is TEDx?

We inspire, entertain
and open your hearts 

TEDx opens peoples’ minds and connects the worlds. It is a non-profit organization centered around the main theme: “Ideas worth spreading” - sharing inspiring ideas and stories. TEDxPrague was established in 2009, inspired by TED and under its license. Thanks to this fact, we have become a part of the worldwide TEDx community. 

We would like to offer space to people and ideas according to a different key than usual. Rather than presenting the best speakers to the world, we are trying to help essential and interesting thoughts come to the light and reach people.  


joint events


inspiring speeches


minutes recording


open sandwiches eaten

Why do we organize TEDx?

We believe in positive energy X 

We believe that mutual education and story sharing make us grow innerly – individuals, as well as our whole society. We believe that the power of thoughts can change the world. We want to create opportunities for:

  • Extraordinary events with varied programs;
  • People of various professions and different experience to meet;
  • Ideas and stories which do not get much space in media to resound;
  • Ideas which are not fashionable or superficially likeable;
  • For the audience to feel like doing something actively for themselves or for the world surrounding us.

The TED phenomenon

TED a TEDx events are the meeting point of people of different professions which helps to interconnect otherwise very different worlds. The original scope of TED (short for Technology & Entertainment & Design) has  extended to e.g. science, research, art, business or civil society activities.  

How to become a partner?

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