Dana Drábová

First Female Czech Nuclear Physicist


Dana is the embodiment of rational and pragmatic personalities, who likes to make up her own mind and call things as they are. 

She received her degree in nuclear engineering and since graduation she was worked in evaluating and regulating the risks of nuclear technology. In 1999 she was appointed Chairwoman of the State Office for Nuclear Safety and is one of the most respected personalities for her opinions not only on this topic.

She often speaks on the importance of critical thinking, because the foundation of everything, including the relationship between mankind and nature and the rest of the world, is primarily the desire and effort put forth to understand. She considers the myths about Chernobyl to be the least intelligent thing to come from nuclear power, and she says, “Fighting rumours is a futile thing, but we must never give up. And patiently explain, time and time again. Primarily to children and young people.”

Will the topic of disharmony or nuclear physiology prevail? Come and find out.

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