Miloslav Lujka

Fighting for a More Secure World Online


The world of the internet and its constant connection. The place where artificial intelligence clashes with man. We are all affected by the internet, we share data about ourselves, and whether we know about it or not, we are exposed online. A place where both good and evil can be found, and it is necessary to both defend and protect... 

Does a perfect method even exist? Can man win the fight against machine? What do we know about security as “ordinary” users and why would a hacker want to prey on us and our devices?

Miloslav Lujka has dedicated 10 years of his life to the subject of Cyber Security and, among other things, has appeared on television and has written articles on this same topic. He also founded the nonprofit project ‘Digital Fortress’, which strives to fight for a more secure online world and to educate others in the area of securing the world online.

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