Accompanying program
for TEDxPrague 2019

Explore every corner of the Karlín Forum! To help with orientation, there will be signs displaying a circle and floor number that will lead you to your desired activity and they include a simple description of that activity.

Erste Premier │We are your travel partner on the road to achieving your goals

The path to success isn't easy - it requires courage and endurance. The TEDxPrague 2019 speakers also needed these qualities in their lives as they change the world around them with their inspirational ideas. Come unwind and try out the Erste Premier path which was created in Forum Karlín specially for this opportunity. Our employees will guide you through making it easier for you to overcome any obstacle you’ll find along your way.

T-Mobile I Reality or fiction? 

Fake news, hoaxes, urban legends. Are you familiar with them, can you tell them apart from the truth? Or maybe you believe them? Come visit us and try to pass our tests. We will also be able to show you some of the projects in the field of informational and media literacy that we are supporting this year.


ABB | Collaborative robot Yumi 

Robots and people working together? This is already the reality of today, however there is a lot more going on here. The relative advantage of robots and intelligent machines is connected with their ability to endlessly and tirelessly perform a load of various movements and the ability to “think”. Will the technology outsmart us, or will we come out victorious? The feud between the soul of man and the matrix? 

ABB I Create your own designer item 

Come with us and grant life after death! Purchased items often have a limited lifespan, but there are steps you can take to keep them from ending up in the dump. Experience a piece of a unique, up-cycled design. Come and try transforming an unneeded item into something new and one of a kind. The story that every product has lived during its first life is a prelude to what it will experience with you. Create your own designer item.

Swing Ballroom │ Lindy Hop and Charleston 

Come on down and HOP into step at the swing ballroom, where dance lessons for the Lindy Hop and Charleston will take place.
The lessons are offered right on the premises as a celebration of TEDx's 10-year anniversary. We will celebrate not only by dancing at the after party, but also with dancing on the actual day of the conference. During two mini lessons we will learn the basic steps of two of the most well-known swing dances: The Lindy Hop and the Charleston. Get excited for lots of whirling, skirt twirling and swing classics thanks to the likes of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.


Locika | Support parents in need 

Support “Parental heroes”. Through a new campaign put on by Centrum Locika, write a motivational letter to parents who are struggling with situations of violence in the home. The letters will be handed over to the parents in such a way to provide support in moments where their courage and strength to face conflicts (that affect not only themselves but also their children) is weak.  

People in Need I Aid Station 

Come and reminisce on the “Year of Miracles” with the period posters and memories of the actors from 1989. An exhibition showing the fall of the communist regime complete with factual accounts is waiting for you at the People in Need aid station. Here you can also enjoy learning more about our work in the field of human rights and find out how to project documentaries with friends in your living room or discuss them in (not) welding debates at a local café. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Impact Hub Prague | Life is Changing, or Networking done differently 

Come and get to know the TEDx conference participants as well as the projects they run in hopes of solving all the world's disharmony. A small pop-up with big ideas rolled into one nearly traditional networking game.

KOKOZA I Vermicomposter 

KOKOZA, a socially beneficial company, will take care of the bio-waste and gastro-waste that will be created within the TEDxPrague2019 conference. This material is transformed in electronic composters into fertilizer and is then returned to the soil. 

Don’t Lose Your Soul I Mindfulness Workshop and Psycho Hygiene Stand 

Come and give ‘Mindfulness’ a try, a meditation/relaxation method that has been rising in popularity in the last few years. Among others, the Mindfulness method is about the ability to experience the present to the fullest, about handling one's emotions and keeping a safe distance from judgemental thoughts. At our workshop you will try the Mindfulness method and find out more about its benefits. 
At the ‘Don't Lose Your Soul Psycho Hygiene Stand’ you will learn about the activities of our nonprofit organization, draw your psycho-hygienic resolutions or think about what you would say to a loved one who has lost their soul. They are waiting for you with materials and tips on how to take best to look after oneself.

Celebrating TEDxPrague 

Are you feeling it, too? Our and your TEDxPrague has made it to the double digits! Come and wish it a happy 10th birthday!
What has TEDxPrague given you over these 10 years? Or the other way around, what have you given TEDxPrague? How many ‘Aha’ moments have you experienced here? Which was the strongest moment for you?
However, the standing ovation goes primarily to you, the visitors and supporters of ideas. We wouldn’t have even made it a year if it wasn’t for the energy you bring. Thank you very much for being you <3

INTI | Playground

INITI Playground is an interactive platform designed to integrate virtual reality games into real world. The platform encourages playful interactions and bring people together to socialize using game-like stories and virtual characters. The technology can transform any flat surface into a multi-touch area and turn it into a gaming stage of an unlimited size and simultaneously engage unlimited number of players in our interactive games.


Some deeper ideas don’t quite make it to the podium, but rather into books. Which are you going to walk away with? Choose one for yourself or gift one to a loved one to find under the Christmas tree. 

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