04. November 2017

TEDxPrague 2017

Brave New World


About the Event

TEDxPrague 2017: Brave New World will take us into the past, present and future, of course.


Because today's world is changing faster than ever. New technologies intertwine our lives and invisibly modify our everyday existence. What looked like a distant future 30 years ago is now here and present.

The rise of new technologies also has its bright and dark sides. We can discuss any topic from anywhere, anytime and with anyone in the World, but privacy has becomes almost an extinct species. We can alter DNA of plants and help increase of agricultural yield, but we cannot control who and how will be able to manipulate genetic information of what. New types of jobs and kinds of work appear everyday but many more are disappearing due to automation. We will probably face a radical change of our societies soon.

Is it possible to separate positive aspects of technological progress from the negatives? Can humankind control the development of technology or are we becoming its victims? What can we do to accommodate the fast changes in our personal lives? And what can we do as a society? We'll try to tackle all these questions during TEDxPrague 2017.

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Standard ticket price is 1444 CZK.

What do you get for the price?

  • You'll become part of a conference connecting worlds and ideas worth spreading.
  • On 4th November 2017 from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm in Forum Karlín, you'll experience a day of inspiring talks, activities, networking and fun. 
  • You'll understand every sentence, every Czech talk will be simultaneously intepreted and of course, there'll also be international speakers. 
  • We really want you to feel great all day long – refreshments will be ready for you from the breakfast till late afternoon 
  • You'll have a chance to take part in many interactive side activities and workshops
  • And last but not least, we want to meet in person and make friends :-) Like every year, TEDxPrague 2017 will finish with an afterparty and we won't get thirsty or hungry, you bet.


Forum Karlín
Pernerova 51-53
186 00 Praha 8


We wish to provide you with a traditionally varied programming, and some surprises, of course. Names of the speakers will be published gradually.

  • Kevin Warwick


    How to become a cyborg? In 1988 Kevin Warwick as a first human decided to get a chip implant in his arm. In 2002 he replaced it with a new, more complex device that was directly interfaced into his nervous system. While his nervous system was connected onto the internet in Columbia University, USA, he could fully control a robotic arm placed in the University of Reading, UK. And it perfectly copied a movement of his own hand.

    Kevin later implanted the device in his wife’s arm as well to reach empathy via internet connection. By this experiment he achieved the first direct and fully electronic communication between two human nervous systems.

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  • Kateřina Nováková


    Does it make any sense to want to change the world?

    We are shocked by the world plastic catastrophe and fascinated by the potential of human abilities. We put science, pedagogy and business together and such encounter opens up our horizons

    The plastic brick we developed has been slowly living its own life even though it’s still a baby in an incubator. We destroy and recycle the buildings we once constructed with the kids from schools. We are the only ones in the Czech Republic printing from recycled PET. Every single experiment improves us and we only imagine we are not alone. New stuff totally worth trying!

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  • Pavel Kysilka


    The world is going through the digital revolution. In which ways does it affect our lives? How do these new digital possibilities influence business, economics and entire society? Pavel brings kind of a different look at the educational needs of future generations. Robotization, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, internet of things, nano and biotechnologies – the voice of future? Or everyday reality?

    Digital revolution opens new possibilities of business, communication and work models that affect the education itself. What are their effects on our activities, not only within Cyberspace?

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  • Zuzana Labudová


    Relationships between men and women have changed irrevocably. Women are starting to dominate – 60 % of university graduates are female and they are also penetrating lately unthinkable fields. In 5 years the number of businessmen decreased by 200, businesswomen increased by 34 000! Thanks to the technologies men’s muscles will not be necessary anymore. The flexibility and empathy of women will be requested instead.

    Equally the relationships will change. “Voluntarily we leave our families. We make the decisions on when and if to have children on our own as well. Soon we will not care anymore how much money the men make – the gold-diggers will disappear from the world. The revenge against past injustice might become the last contact with man at all. If we are not able to set a new gender agreement together, we will die.” Not everything can be replaced by technologies.

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  • Sugandho


    Everybody comes into this world with a vast potential of creativity, strength and wisdom. As a teacher of self-awareness and emotional connectedness I am guiding people to become conscious of the incredible treasures they are holding inside themselves. It is the joy of my life seeing people develop themselves and overcome seemingly mountainous obstacles.

    A brave new world needs awareness and inner connectedness of each member in society. There is a high-speed technological development happening and we have and need the potential to make this development human.

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  • Jan Školník


    We all are responsible for the world we live in. And if Aristoteles was right, no individual happiness is possible without a happiness of municipality. Not even individual fulfillment happens without a contribution to the the place where we live. Beautiful world starts inside of us and naturally spreads further into the environment that surrounds us. But both of these worlds need to be built.

    To enable the cultivation of the environment and to make it a pleasant place to live, people in the municipality need to trust each other and want to collaborate. They want to search together for the adhesive holding the municipality together. Let’s actively contribute to the creation of such a world where people wish to live, work, create and to come back to.

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  • Filip Tylš


    Psychedelics are the substances that can alter our state of mind, our experiences influenced by them sometimes have transformative character – they let us go beyond what we’ve experienced so far. It seems we are not the same after visiting this different world. Psychedelics affect our psyche in a long term range and can be used for example for the treatment of depression, if used properly.

    In this talk we will discuss the effect of psychedelics on our experiencing and also current psychiatry. Is psychedelic therapy the future we are going to live?

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