Ondřej Šteffl

Speaker TEDxPrague 2017, TEDxPrague 2010

In 1990 Ondřej established PORG high school – the first private school in the Czech Republic. He’s also a founder of Scio – the company that introduced professional testing of students in the Czech republic. One of the tests, GAP (Test of General Academic Prerequisites), has become a fixed element of entrance examinations at many universities. Testing was soon followed by the establishment of innovative ScioSchool. Now, two years later, there are 8 of them, attended by 800 students, and more are supposed to be established soon.

Ondřej is an experienced TEDxPrague 2011 speaker and he can’t wait to stand on a rounded red carpet soon again: „TEDx audience is really smart and curious. I feel like you were all ScioSchool graduates!“.

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