14. July 2023

TEDxPragueED 2023


About the Event

We are constantly engaged in a process of learning throughout our lives, encompassing various environments such as school, work, and the community. Every experience we encounter, whether desired or not, contributes to our acquisition of new knowledge. Learning is an intrinsic aspect of our existence, comparable to the essential acts of breathing in and out. However, it is crucial to reflect on whether our learning endeavors are meaningful or if there exists the potential for us to engage in futile pursuits.


DOX+ Multifunctional Hall
Poupětova 3
Prague 7 - Holešovice 170 00

The event will take place in Czech and English language, with translators available on site and the option to borrow interpretation devices. Program changes reserved.


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  • Eva Nečasová

    Artist, AI for Kids

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    Eva Nečasová is a designer, artist and computer game developer who will take us into the AI field. Eva is the founder of AI for Kids, a non-profit initiative whose main goal is to create materials that make it easier for primary schools to introduce AI education into their curriculum, and is also behind the Hello Ruby methodologies for schools. Both of her works were first published in book form. In addition to education, she focuses on design under the brand designity.cz.

    She believes that artificial intelligence offers great solutions, it just needs to be understood. She wants to educate children in it from primary school onwards. She believes that our job is to help children discover the world and teach them the necessary skills to be able to navigate well in the digital environment.

    “I've been watching TED for years, it's my favorite format. I've also found a lot of inspiration at various TEDx. I'll never forget the video "How to use one paper towel" by Joe Smith.”

  • Jan Hábl

    Teacher, Brethren Pastor

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    Prof. Jan Hábl, PhD is a husband, father, educator after studying Philosophy of Education at the University of Wales, he worked as an English teacher, conducted research at the Comenius Institute in Prague, and lectured at the Universities of Hradec Králové and Ústí nad Labem in the fields at the interface of pedagogy, anthropology, ethics and history of education.

    He is the author of both technical and beautiful titles, such as Labyrinth Upgrade. A Novel (Not Only) for Children (2015), Character Matters, The Problem of Teachability of the Good (2020), Even When No One is Looking, Fundamental Questions of Ethical Education (published by P. Mervart 2015), Lest One Should Fall Into Inhumanity (P. Mervart 2015), Learning (with) a Story (Host 2013), On Being Human(e) (Wipf&Stock 2017), Lessons from Humanity in the Life and Work of Jan Amos Komenský (Návrat 2011).

  • Lukáš Janout

    Architect, Creator of @delniq

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    Ing. et Ing. arch. Lukáš Janout is an architect and civil engineer who has been designing villas, houses and interiors for private clients for more than 15 years. He has been guiding clients through the entire process of building from the selection of the land to the last detail of the interior. Thanks to his graduation from Brno University of Technology and VUT in Brno and ČVUT in Prague, he is not only an architect, but also an engineer who can see the whole project in all its contexts.

    "Lady, I can't fit anywhere else." Every day, Lukáš Janout is part of what is happening on construction sites and under the alias @delniq he brings the bizarreness of unprofessional realisations to the general public, helping to educate them about what makes sense through showing them nonsense.

  • Riley Wognarů


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    Riley Wognarů is a high school student interested in science of all disciplines. In the future, she wishes to study experimental biology because she sees great potential in this discipline. In her spare time she enjoys studying languages and also spends a lot of time in front of the microscope.

    Her biggest motivation is the work of people who are trying to fight for a better tomorrow. Riley knows that the world is not always an easy place for people like her, but seeing the existence of those who do not lose faith and are actively trying to create a better place for all drives her forward.

    "I see TEDx as an amazing medium for sharing ideas from a myriad of fields. I've been a long-time fan of it. My role model is Hannah Gadsby, whose talk won me over with her original delivery and ability to use the format to its fullest."

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  • Marley Wildthing


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    At TEDxPragueED, we are preparing an extraordinary event featuring not only speakers but also captivating performances, including one by Marley Wildthing, an Austrian singer-songwriter who performs in Vienna and Prague. The passion for music struck her like lightning, and over the course of a few years, Marley learned to sing, play several instruments such as the bouzouki, bass guitar, and ukulele, and produce her own music.

    In her live performances, she sings and combines various instruments to create intricate layers of looping melodies, vocals, and beats, all held together by her positive energy and deep voice. She enjoys entertaining the audience with personal anecdotes between songs. Marley has played everywhere, from the streets, bars, and clubs to major festivals like Donauinselfest in Vienna and Rock for People in the Czech Republic.

    "I think TedX is an amazing collection of knowledge, there wasn't a video that didn't interest and/or inspire me. I like that the events usually combine art, science, literature, psychology... basically all topics and make them accessible to the general audience. I'm very happy to contribute something to this collection."

  • Petra Winnette

    Psychotherapist, Scientist

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    PhDr. Petra Winnette, Ph.D. graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University and, as part of a long-term scholarship, also studied developmental and applied psychology at University College Cork in Ireland. She obtained a doctorate in comparative literature at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. The Fulbright scholarship in 2017-18 enabled her to stay at the prestigious Columbia University in New York, where she worked at the Department of Psychology and the Developmental Affective Neuroscience Laboratory. She returned there again in 2022. Petra Winnette is a certified psychotherapist in the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor method (USA) and the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy method (USA). In 2003, she founded the Natama Institute, a facility focused on providing professional help to children and adults who suffer from the consequences of severe childhood experiences. She is the director of Natama and has extensive therapeutic experience there, as well as leading a research laboratory.

  • Paul Appleby

    Media Production Teacher

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    Paul Appleby is a teacher in media production in England who struggles with defining a single point of interest or focus for his research. TEDx helps satisfy his curiosity and interest in everything.

    "The incredible range of topics and fields that I have learned about through these talks has enriched my knowledge and shed light on areas of research that I would have never considered as something that could interest me. It breaks down the distance between disciplines and connects people and minds."

    "I am constantly fascinated by the world and the artifacts that emerge from the cultural melting pot of modern times. I enjoy reading books, looking at photographs, watching films, wandering through cities, and spending time contemplating the lives of people who live in buildings I have never been to. I am interested in the worlds of people who have written strange stories and those who have made genre-defying films, how they see the world, how creativity and the brain work, and why people create art or music or embark on epic journeys into fantasy."

  • Anatol Svahilec

    Slam poetry

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    Anatol Svahilec briefly worked as a casual laborer and a sales assistant after graduating from Masaryk Gymnasium in Pilsen. He entered slam poetry in 2014 and in the same year, he earned the title of national champion, which he never managed to achieve again. He categorizes his stage performance on the border of "poetry, physical theater, St. Vitus dance, and Sokol gymnastics routines." He developed an obsessive passion for spreading the genre across regions and gradually found the audacity to perform solo slam blocks.

    He creates solid, non-improvised slam texts and in recent years, he has also ventured into improvised performances. He has been professionally dedicated to the genre since 2018. In 2014, he realized his own design of a theater stage called the "theater panopticon" in the spaces of the Hussite prayer room named Panoptikon Barikáda in Žižkov, where he participated in the mystification project of the Hungarian new circus ensemble Körforgalom Színház (translated as "Theater Roundabout"). He has presented his slam poetry in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Estonia, Canada, the United States, and Ghana.

    In 2016, he self-published his debut collection of poems called "Emu mele maso" (The Emu Grinds Meat). In 2018, his collection titled "Přece se to nevyhodí" (After All, It Doesn't Get Thrown Away) was officially released. In September 2020, his third slam poetry collection, "Motorové sáně" (Motor Sleds), was published. He is an enthusiastic Wikipedian and has authored over 1500 articles.

  • Christopher Rosewarne

    Film Concept Designer

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    Chris Rosewarne is a British artist and illustrator working in the film and television industry. His quick film renders and industrial prop designs have taken him to international projects from LA to London and to many studios across Europe. Born in 1978 to artistic parents, Chris grew up in London and studied art at St. Martins College before completing a BA in Modelling for Design and Media at Bournemouth.

    In his career he has had the opportunity to work on Reign Of Fire, The Brothers Grimm, Doom, STAR WARS, DUNA, Mission Impossible Fallout, Dumbo. In 2012, Chris received an Emmy Award nomination for his work for Jellyfish Pictures in the category of Outstanding Special Visual Effects for the series "Inside the Human Body".

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What will we experience together?

TEDxPragueED 2023: NeSmysl is the 6th edition of an afternoon conference featuring inspiring ideas worth sharing. We are part of the global TEDx movement - independently organized events under the TED license. What can you expect?

❌  An inspiring day filled with ideas
❌  Artistic performances
❌  Accompanying activities with non-profit organizations and other experts; you will experience a program with other conference participants and TEDx enthusiasts
❌  Networking with like-minded people
❌  A unique space for sharing ideas
❌  Afterparty - where else can you have conversations with the speakers?


Disabled 490 CZK 
Student (up to 26 years), Teacher 690 CZK
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General Admission 990 CZK
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