Lukáš Janout

Architect, Creator of @delniq


Ing. et Ing. arch. Lukáš Janout is an architect and civil engineer who has been designing villas, houses and interiors for private clients for more than 15 years. He has been guiding clients through the entire process of building from the selection of the land to the last detail of the interior. Thanks to his graduation from Brno University of Technology and VUT in Brno and ČVUT in Prague, he is not only an architect, but also an engineer who can see the whole project in all its contexts.

"Lady, I can't fit anywhere else." Every day, Lukáš Janout is part of what is happening on construction sites and under the alias @delniq he brings the bizarreness of unprofessional realisations to the general public, helping to educate them about what makes sense through showing them nonsense.

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