Petra Winnette

Psychotherapist, Scientist


PhDr. Petra Winnette, Ph.D. graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University and, as part of a long-term scholarship, also studied developmental and applied psychology at University College Cork in Ireland. She obtained a doctorate in comparative literature at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. The Fulbright scholarship in 2017-18 enabled her to stay at the prestigious Columbia University in New York, where she worked at the Department of Psychology and the Developmental Affective Neuroscience Laboratory. She returned there again in 2022. Petra Winnette is a certified psychotherapist in the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor method (USA) and the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy method (USA). In 2003, she founded the Natama Institute, a facility focused on providing professional help to children and adults who suffer from the consequences of severe childhood experiences. She is the director of Natama and has extensive therapeutic experience there, as well as leading a research laboratory.

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