Paul Appleby

Media Production Teacher


Paul Appleby is a teacher in media production in England who struggles with defining a single point of interest or focus for his research. TEDx helps satisfy his curiosity and interest in everything.

"The incredible range of topics and fields that I have learned about through these talks has enriched my knowledge and shed light on areas of research that I would have never considered as something that could interest me. It breaks down the distance between disciplines and connects people and minds."

"I am constantly fascinated by the world and the artifacts that emerge from the cultural melting pot of modern times. I enjoy reading books, looking at photographs, watching films, wandering through cities, and spending time contemplating the lives of people who live in buildings I have never been to. I am interested in the worlds of people who have written strange stories and those who have made genre-defying films, how they see the world, how creativity and the brain work, and why people create art or music or embark on epic journeys into fantasy."

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