Marley Wildthing



At TEDxPragueED, we are preparing an extraordinary event featuring not only speakers but also captivating performances, including one by Marley Wildthing, an Austrian singer-songwriter who performs in Vienna and Prague. The passion for music struck her like lightning, and over the course of a few years, Marley learned to sing, play several instruments such as the bouzouki, bass guitar, and ukulele, and produce her own music. 

In her live performances, she sings and combines various instruments to create intricate layers of looping melodies, vocals, and beats, all held together by her positive energy and deep voice. She enjoys entertaining the audience with personal anecdotes between songs. Marley has played everywhere, from the streets, bars, and clubs to major festivals like Donauinselfest in Vienna and Rock for People in the Czech Republic. 

"I think TedX is an amazing collection of knowledge, there wasn't a video that didn't interest and/or inspire me. I like that the events usually combine art, science, literature, psychology... basically all topics and make them accessible to the general audience. I'm very happy to contribute something to this collection."

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