Anatol Svahilec

Slam poetry


Anatol Svahilec briefly worked as a casual laborer and a sales assistant after graduating from Masaryk Gymnasium in Pilsen. He entered slam poetry in 2014 and in the same year, he earned the title of national champion, which he never managed to achieve again. He categorizes his stage performance on the border of "poetry, physical theater, St. Vitus dance, and Sokol gymnastics routines." He developed an obsessive passion for spreading the genre across regions and gradually found the audacity to perform solo slam blocks.

He creates solid, non-improvised slam texts and in recent years, he has also ventured into improvised performances. He has been professionally dedicated to the genre since 2018. In 2014, he realized his own design of a theater stage called the "theater panopticon" in the spaces of the Hussite prayer room named Panoptikon Barikáda in Žižkov, where he participated in the mystification project of the Hungarian new circus ensemble Körforgalom Színház (translated as "Theater Roundabout"). He has presented his slam poetry in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Estonia, Canada, the United States, and Ghana.

In 2016, he self-published his debut collection of poems called "Emu mele maso" (The Emu Grinds Meat). In 2018, his collection titled "Přece se to nevyhodí" (After All, It Doesn't Get Thrown Away) was officially released. In September 2020, his third slam poetry collection, "Motorové sáně" (Motor Sleds), was published. He is an enthusiastic Wikipedian and has authored over 1500 articles.

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