Jan Hábl

Teacher, Brethren Pastor


Prof. Jan Hábl, PhD is a husband, father, educator after studying Philosophy of Education at the University of Wales, he worked as an English teacher, conducted research at the Comenius Institute in Prague, and lectured at the Universities of Hradec Králové and Ústí nad Labem in the fields at the interface of pedagogy, anthropology, ethics and history of education.

He is the author of both technical and beautiful titles, such as Labyrinth Upgrade. A Novel (Not Only) for Children (2015), Character Matters, The Problem of Teachability of the Good (2020), Even When No One is Looking, Fundamental Questions of Ethical Education (published by P. Mervart 2015), Lest One Should Fall Into Inhumanity (P. Mervart 2015), Learning (with) a Story (Host 2013), On Being Human(e) (Wipf&Stock 2017), Lessons from Humanity in the Life and Work of Jan Amos Komenský (Návrat 2011).

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