26. July 2018

TEDxPragueED 2018


About the Event

School by Play“ - a motto by John Amos Comenius is well known to most of us, as we used to encounter it daily at school. On the contrary, only few of us remember a school by play in action from our time at a school desk. . We mean the situation when you daily enjoy going to school and feel nothing annoying but a pure joy instead.

What about today’s children? Are they bored at school in the same way as 150 years ago? And what about teens and adults – have we approached Comenius‘ idea? Do we learn and teach with joy? Many „alternative“ schools are trying to do so. We discuss it a lot. But have we really improved the education as a whole? Do we even need to?

We may be naive, and joyful education may be a simple utopia. Maybe we just need to work hard to learn anything. Or…?

We're happy we could discuss these topics together with our speakers during the half-day event TEDxPragueED 2018. Thank you for being with us, what a joy!


Divadlo ABC
Vodičkova 28
110 00, Praha 1


  • Jan Kršňák


    He knows how to read and write. He had studied film science on the Philosophical faculty at Charles University which he finished with a thesis on inhuman view on the dehumanization of thinking. And then he took a four-year vacation to get back to a human way of looking at the world. For two years he had been living in Santiago de Compostela, out of time. Later on, he lived on a beach, in a garden house, on a square in Vigo or in a forest greenhouse. After returning to Prague, he did a PhD in media forms of communication with gods and goddesses in last 3500 years. But he did not finish he studies, because titles are not needed to live after all. That was something he knew right from the start, but he wanted to try if you can write a thesis about love. You cannot.

    Now he focuses on intuitive teaching and works with the Institute for support of innovative education. There he can discover and develop the world of alternative schools. Together with Lucie Kramperová, he wrote a book of interviews about innovative schools called How do you teach live?

    He had also founded digideti.cz where parents can find advice and inspiration on how to handle raising children who roam in the media world. At the same time, he wonders about how the digitalization of the 21st century is shaping people. How do we feel about becoming cyborgs or how to understand artificial intelligence.

    He does and does not have kids.

  • Tomáš Hisem

    Former coal miner


    Tomáš wanted to be a soldier. When he was not accepted to military high school for political reasons, he wanted to study at Faculty of Military Health Sciences in Hradec Králové. He was supposed to study pharmacy or stomatology. But the faith thought otherwise. In his fourth year, his daughter was born. And the parents of his then-wife did not want a soldier in the family. So he joined a mining company OKD instead.

    After 20 years of mining with his buddies, in a tense situation in the mine, he found out that „his“ mine Paskov is to be closed. He needed to decide what is next for him. And it came on its own. He got an unexpected offer to requalify himself into programming with a project LMC Razíme cestu. It sounded a bit crazy, but it got Tomáš interested. So chose to try it.“.

    On our red carpet, he wants to inspire everyone, who want to advance in their career. Because there might come a time when you will not have a choice.

  • Jana Slezáková

    Pedagogue of Hejny Method


    Jana says she loves her field. She graduated from Faculty of Education at Charles University and decided to continue her work there. Today she prepares future teachers, so they can face preschoolers and young students in math classes. Besides that, she is actively developing the Hejny method. When the public benefit organization H-mat, o.p.s. was established, Jana was right there. She is helping lectors to teach mathematics according to the method, and she is personally responsible for it in kindergartens.

    If you are looking for someone, who is full of joy when working with both adults and children, it would be Jana: „I am joyful when given the opportunity to create enthusiasm in people around me with ideas in my field!“.

    She is excited to show us on TEDxPragueED 2018 how pure joy of intellectual work in pre-mathematical education looks like.

  • David Blaha

    Skater Boy


    If you saw skate boy David aka DíBí, you would probably never guess that he also studies classical singing at Prague Conservatory. He first started to skateboard at 16 and was immediately hooked. Fast forward four years later he was introducing skateboard to children in the Children and Youth centre in Karlín. And he quickly realized that the most important thing is to do what you love.

    With a head full of ideas on how to achieve that, he decided to take action. He established his own School of skating and created a whole new system of teaching. Today he leads regular training for dozens of children in the heart of one of Prague's neighbourhoods.

    In the near future, he wants to expand to other cities and to bring in children from socially disadvantaged children. „Unfortunately, for many people skateboarding has a negative connotation. For me, it is about freedom, independence and joy. It helped me to get back up when I was at my lowest.“ It is not just about skateboarding. When a group of young boys and girls head to a skatepark, they teach each other about respect, helping others, and motivation: „YOU CAN DO IT!“.

  • Michaela Puchalková

    Pathfinder of Improvisation


    In 2000 Michaela brought Impro Fights from France to the Czech Republic, established the first impro team pra.l.i.n.y. and co-founded the first Czech Impro League. Shortly she realised that the principles, values and attitudes of an improviser influence the reality. Let the other stand out from the crowd, listen carefully, accept and foster partners’ ideas, react here and now - all of that works on the stage as well as in life.

    I believe the improviser doesn’t improvise, improviser is ready.” She points out the advantage of bringing the mistake into play: “If you don’t dare to make a mistake, the game disappears and a gets replaced by fear.

    Michaela reveals an applied improvisation to teams of supranational companies, as well as to nonprofit organizations and teachers at schools. She lectures courses “Parents & kids improvise” and impro trainings for adults. She feels morally obliged to spread the principles of improvisation across the educational systems.

  • Michael Šebek

    Professor of Cybernetics


    Rumour has it that the students at the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) compose songs inspired by his popular (and dreaded at the same time) lessons within Process Automation Systems course. Besides the automatic control he also enjoys the theories of multiagent systems, robotics, autonomous cars, airplanes or satellites.

    He tirelessly fights for improvement of the quality of education and concentrates on the methods used in its management. “I like contemplating the future and the effects of technological changes on the society,” says Michael, the best teacher according to the Werner von Siemens Award.

    He has published hundreds of scientific articles, managed tens of EU and NATO projects, currently he coordinates his department’s contract research for Honeywell, Porsche or US NAVY. At ČVUT he has established an elite study programme Cybernetics and Robotics. Within SpaceMaster project, co-founded by him, Michael lets the students experience each semester at a different university across Europe.

  • Marie Bukovjanová

    Fresh teacher


    After several years spent in hotel sector Marie had realised that her job didn't really bring enough joy to her life and decided to make her childhood dream come true - to become a teacher. Her great motivation was hampered by the lack of experience, low self-confidence and she was well aware that standing as a teacher in the classroom full of students wouldn’t be easy at all.

    Then a unique training course for future teachers “Teach Live” crossed her way. And she applied! Who’d say this decision would completely change her life. Today Marie is a teacher, body and soul, and she has just completed her first year at elementary school.

    Creating, debating, sharing and asking questions together about the world and ourselves is what I enjoy the most with my students,“ says Marie. Has she found a way to give and gain joy in the class?

  • ‘Daddy-Buddy’



    He is a dad to two kids. When he realised that his approach to his 3-year-old son results in repeated conflicts, he started to search for the reasons and ways to deal with the kids differently. He was eager for interaction without losers and destroyed borders. So he found an inspiration in the idea of respectful parenting and started to undermine a stereotypical view of kids raising based on a control and parental supremacy.

    Shortly, he launched a blog “Daddy-Buddy” based on the same thoughts. “The kids learn by imitation and play. They are humans as well and therefore they deserve as much respect as we do.” He is a brand new member of “Liberty of Education” initiative that wants to forward responsibility for self-education to kids themselves.

    He encountered TEDx for the first time when he watched a legendary talk about schools killing the creativity in kids by Ken Robinson. At TEDxPrague 2018 he would like to share his experience of playing the educational game Minecraft with his kids.


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