Jan Kršňák


He knows how to read and write. He had studied film science on the Philosophical faculty at Charles University which he finished with a thesis on inhuman view on the dehumanization of thinking. And then he took a four-year vacation to get back to a human way of looking at the world. For two years he had been living in Santiago de Compostela, out of time. Later on, he lived on a beach, in a garden house, on a square in Vigo or in a forest greenhouse. After returning to Prague, he did a PhD in media forms of communication with gods and goddesses in last 3500 years. But he did not finish he studies, because titles are not needed to live after all. That was something he knew right from the start, but he wanted to try if you can write a thesis about love. You cannot.

Now he focuses on intuitive teaching and works with the Institute for support of innovative education. There he can discover and develop the world of alternative schools. Together with Lucie Kramperová, he wrote a book of interviews about innovative schools called How do you teach live?

He had also founded digideti.cz where parents can find advice and inspiration on how to handle raising children who roam in the media world. At the same time, he wonders about how the digitalization of the 21st century is shaping people. How do we feel about becoming cyborgs or how to understand artificial intelligence.

He does and does not have kids.

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