Michaela Puchalková

Pathfinder of Improvisation


In 2000 Michaela brought Impro Fights from France to the Czech Republic, established the first impro team pra.l.i.n.y. and co-founded the first Czech Impro League. Shortly she realised that the principles, values and attitudes of an improviser influence the reality. Let the other stand out from the crowd, listen carefully, accept and foster partners’ ideas, react here and now - all of that works on the stage as well as in life.

I believe the improviser doesn’t improvise, improviser is ready.” She points out the advantage of bringing the mistake into play: “If you don’t dare to make a mistake, the game disappears and a gets replaced by fear.

Michaela reveals an applied improvisation to teams of supranational companies, as well as to nonprofit organizations and teachers at schools. She lectures courses “Parents & kids improvise” and impro trainings for adults. She feels morally obliged to spread the principles of improvisation across the educational systems.

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