Michael Šebek

Professor of Cybernetics


Rumour has it that the students at the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) compose songs inspired by his popular (and dreaded at the same time) lessons within Process Automation Systems course. Besides the automatic control he also enjoys the theories of multiagent systems, robotics, autonomous cars, airplanes or satellites.

He tirelessly fights for improvement of the quality of education and concentrates on the methods used in its management. “I like contemplating the future and the effects of technological changes on the society,” says Michael, the best teacher according to the Werner von Siemens Award.

He has published hundreds of scientific articles, managed tens of EU and NATO projects, currently he coordinates his department’s contract research for Honeywell, Porsche or US NAVY. At ČVUT he has established an elite study programme Cybernetics and Robotics. Within SpaceMaster project, co-founded by him, Michael lets the students experience each semester at a different university across Europe.

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