He is a dad to two kids. When he realised that his approach to his 3-year-old son results in repeated conflicts, he started to search for the reasons and ways to deal with the kids differently. He was eager for interaction without losers and destroyed borders. So he found an inspiration in the idea of respectful parenting and started to undermine a stereotypical view of kids raising based on a control and parental supremacy.

Shortly, he launched a blog “Daddy-Buddy” based on the same thoughts. “The kids learn by imitation and play. They are humans as well and therefore they deserve as much respect as we do.” He is a brand new member of “Liberty of Education” initiative that wants to forward responsibility for self-education to kids themselves.

He encountered TEDx for the first time when he watched a legendary talk about schools killing the creativity in kids by Ken Robinson. At TEDxPrague 2018 he would like to share his experience of playing the educational game Minecraft with his kids.

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