Jana Slezáková

Pedagogue of Hejny Method


Jana says she loves her field. She graduated from Faculty of Education at Charles University and decided to continue her work there. Today she prepares future teachers, so they can face preschoolers and young students in math classes. Besides that, she is actively developing the Hejny method. When the public benefit organization H-mat, o.p.s. was established, Jana was right there. She is helping lectors to teach mathematics according to the method, and she is personally responsible for it in kindergartens.

If you are looking for someone, who is full of joy when working with both adults and children, it would be Jana: „I am joyful when given the opportunity to create enthusiasm in people around me with ideas in my field!“.

She is excited to show us on TEDxPragueED 2018 how pure joy of intellectual work in pre-mathematical education looks like.

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