Tomáš Hisem

Former coal miner


Tomáš wanted to be a soldier. When he was not accepted to military high school for political reasons, he wanted to study at Faculty of Military Health Sciences in Hradec Králové. He was supposed to study pharmacy or stomatology. But the faith thought otherwise. In his fourth year, his daughter was born. And the parents of his then-wife did not want a soldier in the family. So he joined a mining company OKD instead.

After 20 years of mining with his buddies, in a tense situation in the mine, he found out that „his“ mine Paskov is to be closed. He needed to decide what is next for him. And it came on its own. He got an unexpected offer to requalify himself into programming with a project LMC Razíme cestu. It sounded a bit crazy, but it got Tomáš interested. So chose to try it.

On our red carpet, he wants to inspire everyone, who want to advance in their career. Because there might come a time when you will not have a choice.

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