26. July 2018

TEDxPragueED 2018


About the Event

School by Play“ - a motto by John Amos Comenius is well known to most of us, as we used to encounter it daily at school. On the contrary, only few of us remember a school by play in action from our time at a school desk. . We mean the situation when you daily enjoy going to school and feel nothing annoying but a pure joy instead.

What about today’s children? Are they bored at school in the same way as 150 years ago? And what about teens and adults – have we approached Comenius‘ idea? Do we learn and teach with joy? Many „alternative“ schools are trying to do so. We discuss it a lot. But have we really improved the education as a whole? Do we even need to?

We may be naive, and joyful education may be a simple utopia. Maybe we just need to work hard to learn anything. Or…?

These questions will be asked by the speakers of a half-day event TEDxPragueED 2018. Come to brainstorm with us,  to get inspired, and discuss the future of education. Whatever the result will be, we are going to reach it with joy!


Divadlo ABC
Vodičkova 28
110 00, Praha 1


  • Regular price: 550 CZK

Your ticket allows you to fully enjoy TEDxPragueED 2018: Joy, a meeting organized to open a discussion about the future of education. Except for the fresh ideas presented by extraordinary speakers, we’ll be happy to share Joy even during various side activities.

A happy note: the conference will be simultaneously translated to English.