28. October 2016

TEDxPragueWomen 2016

It’s About Time


About the Event

TEDxPragueWomen 2016 is a half-day symposium devoted to women, their successes, failures and position in society. It takes place in parallel with the TEDWomen 2016 global conference.

This year’s theme is “It’s about time”. We will tell you stories about a lot of interesting women, take inspiration from them, talk about time and connect on-line with the global conference in San Francisco.

TEDxPragueWomen 2016 is the third such event organised in Prague. At our past gatherings, you had the chance to meet women such as Eva Le Peutrec, a Czech architect who designs skyscrapers; Kateřina Vacková, a physician fighting cancer and the founder of the non-profit organisation Loono; and Jaroslava Dušková, the renowned pathologist and researcher.

You can view the inspiring talks given by our speakers on our YouTube channel.

Have a look at our YouTube invitation as well.

As a member of the programme team, I have always tried to make sure that it was not only men who spoke at TEDx conferences, although in the end they always comprised the majority. That is why I am delighted that a TEDx conference is being organised where women will finally have a clear advantage – behind the scenes and on stage. As is always the case, I am looking forward to not only inspirational TEDx talks, but most of all to the atmosphere, which will surely be one-of-a-kind at #xWomen.

Matěj Novák, Director of Czech Publisher Exchange, Yield Manager at Centrum Holdings and Team Leader of TEDxPrague



Slévárna /Studio 2/
Přístavní 22
170 00 Praha 7 - Holešovice


  • Barbora Chuecos


    Barbora is a first-class manager and has been the head of the Czech branch of American cosmetics company Mary Kay for more than 15 years. She had always considered herself an optimist in life, but then her son Ángel arrived to test this. He is autistic, and everyday he reminds her that the most important thing in life is our mindset. She sees her son’s autism as something that enriches her life. Barbora is also interested in canine therapy, a therapeutic method based on contact between humans and dogs.

    Barbora believes that everything is a matter of perspective and that we always have a choice how to respond to a given situation.

    Her personal motto is: "Everything happens for my own good".

    Speaker profile

  • Lina Khalifeh


    Lina hails from Amman, Jordan. In her studio, SheFighter, she teaches self-defence to women. She has created a combination of taekwondo, judo and kung fu, and has trained more than 12,000 women. Although Lina is an extremely humble person, she is tenacious when it comes to her goals. She believes that women in the Middle East deserve the same respect as anyone anywhere.

    In 2014, she won the “Woman in Business Global Award” organised by the UN in Geneva, and even American president Barack Obama praised her as a role-model in his speech for the “Emerging Global Entrepreneurship” event.

    In response to the question why she set out to do what she is doing, she simply responded: „Because I´m a Fighter".

    Speaker profile

  • Markéta „Peggy“ Marvanová


    Twenty-one-year-old Markéta Marvanová, nicknamed Peggy, is Prague’s only messenger. Five years ago, she decided that she would take part in extreme biking competitions. No one believed her. Thanks to this experience, she realised that the words “THAT CAN’T BE DONEem>” do not exist.

    Last year – as the youngest and only female competitor – she took part and successfully completed the Great Divide Tour, the longest unsecured mountain bike race in North America that stretches across Canada, the USA and Mexico. The race took her through deserts and over snow-covered mountains. She had to contend with a shortage of food and an encounter with a bear. Now an even crazier challenge awaits her: a bike journey beyond the Arctic Circle.

    According to Peggy, we have to be positive and have the energy to take action – right now – and not put off things until tomorrow. In other words, to begin living your dream.

    Speaker profile

  • Edita Berková


    Edita is a mother of two, a change and motivation coach and most of all she is the author of the Strollering project – Maternity in Motion. Leading hundreds of mothers she inspires them to live through their maternity leave in an active manner, always wearing a smile. She regularly organizes motivational challenges as part of the project and she is also the author of an e-book focusing (not solely) on losing weight entitled „Forget about Monday and start on Wednesday (start with the core of your body)“

    Speaker profile

  • Dorota "Noon" Nováková


    She is a youtuber, book-youtuber, online bookworm, arts enthusiast, literature promoter, a hipster and a café-life lover.

    She says of herself: „I haven´t started any foundation, I don´t own a brand, nor have I introduced anything new. I simply enjoy reading and spending my time in cafés.” Dorota shows that bookworms can also be trendy and that literature, and most of all poetry, is not dead. She is fighting against the disappearance of culture in the Czech environment. Through sharing her own interests and personal hobbies with others she lives her dream – motivating thousands of people to read.

    Speaker profile

  • Anna Olšanská


    Anna is not afraid of the time. Following a rich professional career, first as an immunologist at the faculty of medicine, and later as a manager at the Supreme Audit Institution, she currently studies art and theology and is actively doing sports and working. Her big passion though, is fashion. She stresses that a person does not stop being active because he or she gets old, but that one gets old because of stopping being active.

    A warm smile and joy of life are innate to Anna. She wears light and vibrant colors that reflex her joyful and youthful approach to life and people. According to Anna we should have a positive outlook on life and always work on improving ourselves, not others. Her motto is: „Love life in all of its forms. The older you are, the shorter your skirt!“

    Speaker profile

  • Marie Salomonová


    Marie graduated in neuroscience at a prestigious British university and upon return home she has co-founded the „Nevypusť duši“ initiative. The goal of the initiative is to share the facts and destroy the myths about mental health issues. She is fighting against the stigma of the psychiatric diagnoses, and she focuses on the importance of the prevention from an early age. Her goal is to get mental-health education into schools.

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Workshop lead by Mckenzie Tomski: How to become „Miss Amerika“

Mckenzie Tomski - a woman of two or even more faces, a woman of liquid identity. She disrupts the given stereotypes of success and perfection, divagates on our high-speed, multicultural society and tells the stories of „Miss Amerikas“ – the ones from the tribe of those shaken, left-out, lost. Her sometimes critical and at times melancholic stand-up gig finds its reflection in the series of photographs by the New York photographer of Czech descent, Marie Tomanova, who has been shooting people from the Brooklyn alternative queer scene for quite some time now.

Workshop lead by Lina Khalifeh

Lina is a self-defence trainer from Jordan who has already trained more than 12, 000 women. She came not only to talk about her story, but also to present her „art“ in practice. Lina will lead a workshop to teach us „hands-on“ how to defend ourselves. We will rehearse practical situations of attack – when the aggressor attacks with his hands, a knife, or a gun.


Following the conclusion of the official part of the programme, after 9 p.m., please accept our invitation to the Afterparty. The Afterparty will take place at same venue as the talks at La Fabrica – Slevárna.

Special thanks

TEDxPragueWomen2016 graphics

This year the graphic design for TEDxPragueWomen was prepared by a Brno based visual artist, Tereza Damcová. Tereza graduated from FAVU and her art is typically centering around dreams and fairy-tales. You can find her art at www.bubacka.cz.

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