Afterparty TEDxPragueWomen 2016

Following the conclusion of the official part of the programme, after 9 p.m., please accept our invitation to the Afterparty. The Afterparty will take place at same venue as the talks at La Fabrica – Slevárna.

DJ Tea Jay Ivo

Tea Jay Ivo, or Ivo Pospíšil, is one of the most important figures of the Czech pre - Velvet Revolution underground scene. He co-founded Garáž band and later also the Radost FX music club. Today, under his Tea Jay Ivo alias, he´s mixing music and together with the lovely blond Klára, who calls herself Hel Key, will play the ´50s tunes for us. He himself says that the music he mixes is Vinatge and Cool and you can listen to it here

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