Workshop lead by Mckenzie Tomski


Mckenzie Tomski - a woman of two or even more faces, a woman of liquid identity. She disrupts the given stereotypes of success and perfection, divagates on our high-speed, multicultural society and tells the stories of „Miss Amerikas“ – the ones from the tribe of those shaken, left-out, lost. Her sometimes critical and at times melancholic stand-up gig finds its reflection in the series of photographs by the New York photographer of Czech descent, Marie Tomanova, who has been shooting people from the Brooklyn alternative queer scene for quite some time now.

Mckenzie Tomski is going to lead selected workshop participants through an ideal world that is without any worries, nor troubles, without tiredness and frustration. She will create a new, perfect identity for them, based on the premise of „I am the best“and „I made it“. In their new skin of a perfect woman all the „Miss Amerikas“will have the opportunity to shoot a short promotional video.

In case you have any questions or need some more details, do not hesitate to e-mail:

Condition for participation: You must not be perfect.

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