Markéta „Peggy“ Marvanová

Biker and messenger


Twenty-one-year-old Markéta Marvanová, nicknamed Peggy, is Prague’s messenger and biker. Five years ago, she decided that she would take part in extreme biking competitions. No one believed her. Thanks to this experience, she realised that the words “THAT CAN’T BE DONE” do not exist.

Last year – as the youngest and only female competitor – she took part and successfully completed the Great Divide Tour, the longest unsecured mountain bike race in North America that stretches across Canada, the USA and Mexico. The race took her through deserts and over snow-covered mountains. She had to contend with a shortage of food and an encounter with a bear. Now an even crazier challenge awaits her: a bike journey beyond the Arctic Circle.

According to Peggy, we have to be positive and have the energy to take action – right now – and not put off things until tomorrow. In other words, to begin living your dream.

Peggy says his to fans of TEDxPragueWomen (in Czech)

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