Genderové role jsou vyrovnány - jak nevyhynout?

Zuzana Labudová TEDxPrague 2017

Relationships between men and women have changed irrevocably. Women are starting to dominate – 60 % of university graduates are female and they are also penetrating lately unthinkable fields. In 5 years the number of businessmen decreased by 200, businesswomen increased by 34 000! Thanks to the technologies men’s muscles will not be necessary anymore. The flexibility and empathy of women will be requested instead.

Equally the relationships will change. “Voluntarily we leave our families. We make the decisions on when and if to have children on our own as well. Soon we will not care anymore how much money the men make – the gold-diggers will disappear from the world. The revenge against past injustice might become the last contact with man at all. If we are not able to set a new gender agreement together, we will die.” Not everything can be replaced by technologies.

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