Přátelství s Ku-klux-klanem aneb jak zabránit společenskému rozpadu

Bob Kartous TEDxPrague 2017

Bob enjoys being thought-provoking. He hardly deals with politician’s populism, with its media equivalent and related intellectual prostitution. Professionally he focuses on education as he considers it one of the ways to resist tensions that repeatedly pull society to the edge of the abyss. He’s a leader of communication and analyses the education policy in EDUin. Besides that, he has published in a various Czech media, contributed to the book “2036” dedicated to the 20 years’ future. In a cultural revue “Prostor” he thinks about a relationship between education and hate. He lecturers, presents, also collaborates with DOX, Bubny, Education Republic and others.

“TEDx is like sushi. Many various tastes concentrated in tiny but nutritious portions and you never feel too full. After several tastings, I can’t wait to finally become a host!”

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