24. November 2023

TEDxPragueWomen 2023

Heroine wanted


About the Event


Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia
Anežská 812/12
Prague 1

We are ready for TEDxPragueWomen 2023. Are you?
Important Notice: This event is held in Czech language only.

This year, for the eighth time, TEDxPragueWomen will join the global conference TEDWomen, this time on the theme of Seeking a Heroine.

Joan of Arc lifts a sword above her head and leads the troops. Marie Curie Sklodowska drives with a self-constructed X-ray machine near the front line during the First World War to help with early diagnosis of the wounded. Bobbi Gibb emerges from the bushes in Boston in the mid-sixties, disguised as a man among marathon runners. As the first woman, she completes the marathon and paves the way for millions of endurance runners. Sixteen-year-old student Greta stirs the whole world to discuss the future of planet Earth.

Every era has its heroes and heroines. How is such a heroine recognized? Are the criteria the same as for men? Is heroism always visible and recognizable? Who are we proud of today? Who do we need? Can we perceive and appreciate our heroines? Can each of us be a heroine?

Let's meet our Joans and Maries and get inspired by the stories of those who are changing our world for the better. Because we still need it.

We look forward to Friday, November 24, 2023. Pleace notice that this event will be held in Czech language only.


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