23. November 2024

TEDxPrague 2024


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About the Event

At the heart of TEDxPrague lies "Metamorphosis", an invitation to wander through the labyrinth of change - a place where the only constant is change itself. This event is a canvas painted with the broad strokes of human experience, the relentless march of technology and the quiet whispers of our inner worlds.

Acceleration challenges us to dance to the tempo of an ever-accelerating world, a symphony of innovation and disruption that demands we move with grace and purpose. Here we seek a rhythm that allows us to flow with change, not against it.


Slowing down offers a counterpoint, a pause in the melody. It is a gentle reminder of the power of mindfulness in a world that rarely stops. It is about finding the space between the notes where the music of life truly resides, and allowing us to listen to the subtle nuances of our existence.

The impulse is the spark, the moment of ignition that propels us forward. It is a recognition of our role as architects of the future, equipped with the inspiration and tools to shape our destinies and the world around us.

Throughout the event, speakers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds will guide us through this complex dance of change, which we will gradually uncover. From the transformation of societies and the evolution of technology to personal journeys that redefine our essence, we promise a journey that transcends the mundane and beckons us to explore the depths of our collective metamorphosis.



Nová Spirála, pražské Výstaviště
Výstaviště 170/00
Praha 7, 170 00


Early birds: 1 780 Kč - 1 980 Kč (limited amount)
VIP: 4 980 Kč (buy through metamorphosis@tedxprague.cz)
Disabled: 980 Kč (The disabled person has one companion for the price of the disabled person.)

What is included in the VIP tickets?
❌ Premium seating
❌ No queue at the cloakroom
❌ More choices of refreshments
❌ Access to the VIP lounge where it's possible to meet the speakers
❌ Opportunity to attend the stage rehearsal
❌ Gift of TEDx merch

After seat selection, it is possible to apply student, senior, and teacher discounts (limited to 100 tickets per category). Student and pensioner entries will be subject to valid IDs being presented on entry.

Contact e-mail: metamorphosis@tedxprague.cz


Main Partners

Nadace České spořitelny

Media Partners

Deník N


Team leader

David Ryba


Markéta Jedličková

Marketing & Media

Gabriela Martinčeková


Lenka Hronová

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