How to bring Joy into the classroom? These five thoughts might hold the key to the future of education.

03. July 2018

The end of the school year has come, and most of the students are finally enjoying the well deserved holidays. Even if some of the university students might still be battling the last of their exams, nobody can deny that the summer is right behind the corner.

To prevent you from forgetting your education altogether, we bring you a couple of inspirational ideas. Ideas, that are shared from TED and TEDx stage to the world. Maybe they will inspire you to open up a textbook even outside of your classroom! Whether you are a student or rather spend your time educating others, or even if your school days are long over.

Salman Khan: Let`s use video to reinvent education

The Khan name is probably not unknown to you if you ever dove into the waters of online education. Khan´s academy has the largest collection of educational videos. Their content covers everything from economics to philosophy or mathematics. In 2011, its founder Salmon Khan gave a TED talk about modernization of education through videos. Back then we could not even know, how relevant his thought might become. Find out for yourself:

Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard

This video is firstly for teachers, but also for their students. For those who cannot fight the feeling that teachers just do not care. Linda Cliatt-Wayman took upon a role of a principal in a bad neighbourhood school. How did it go? And how did she manage to push her students forward? She simply says to stop looking for excuses and take action.

Ken Robinson – Do schools kill creativity?

We cannot talk about educational TED videos and not mention Ken Robinson. Since 2006 it was viewed incredible 51 million times on TED and another 15 million people watched it on YouTube. It is the most watched TED talk ever. To be honest, it is no surprise. In less than 20 minutes, Ken will explain how creativity works. Why is it important. And how to kill it by sending your child to school. If you, like many others, will be taken by his speech, you can continue with his other videos. You did not think that after such a success he would never be invited again, right?

Sugata Mitra - Build a school in the Cloud

After his 2013 speech about future of education, Sugata Mitra left not only with standing ovations but also with a prize for innovative leaders (TED Prize). He suggested, that the education system today is a bit… outdated. That is why he was going around India since the 90s. In the remote villages in the rural parts of the country, he always leaves a computer. The idea is that the children will simply educate themselves. And somehow, it works.

Daphne Bavelier – Your brain on video games

The last but not least we have a video for those who enjoy spending their time relaxing and playing video games rather than systematically educating themselves. Well, no worries! Cognitive scientist Daphne Bavelier speaks on TEDxCHUV about how even playing Witcher might teach your brain a thing or two.

Soon we will meet in Prague´s ABC theatre to think about the future of education. Is the timeless “School by play” by famous Komensky true? Or are kids bored now in the same way they were 150 years ago? Can we teach Joy in schools? Join us at the 2nd TEDxPragueED 2018: Radost. The event is for all of us who care about education and want to be on the front lines.

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