Vojtěch Polášek

Blind software engineer


Vojta's story is an example of the fact that while life can be difficult, with the support of the environment, and your determination, perseverance and diligence, you can travel on the path to success. Vojta was a very active and clever boy, who successfully graduated from the J. M. Hurban Grammar School in Čadca, Masaryk University in Brno, and also completed a semester at the University of Ca´Foscari in Venice. Vojta simply did not give up. His story is strong and inspiring for all of us. But what was his journey through the education system like, and how does a person who went through it deal with inclusion?

"I like TEDx because it allows for the expression of an idea, which then reaches a large number of people, and thanks to that, even a thought can change the world.” - Vojtěch Polášek

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