17. August 2021

TEDxPragueED 2021

On the hoof

About the Event

The need for knowledge is innate to man. We were thrown into the world and had to learn how to deal with and benefit from different situations. There are many ways to fulfill the need for knowledge and continue to learn. But is it possible to choose the most suitable one? Nowadays it is difficult for us to find time to stop. We have no choice but to learn "on the hoof". So we kind of skipped the endless waiting for the right moment that never comes at the same time.

We often hear how people plan to get an education, regardless of whether it is a foreign language or self-development, for the so-called "until" period. "When I graduate, when the kids grow up, when I'm not so busy..." and we all know how promises like that end. Unfulfilled. The topic "on the go" is more than easy in today's rush. At this year's TEDxPragueED, we try to look at education from different points of view and thus expand our horizons by something we didn't even know we were missing. Come along and absorb information and get inspired as you go.

We are firmly determined to make the ED happen this year and we hope that we will finally meet in reality while observing the current restrictions. We will solve any problems "on the hoof".


Area of Emmaus Monastery
Vyšehradská 51, Prague 2


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