Tomáš Jízdný

Founder of Rozjízdný.cz and


Tomáš founded the Rozjízdný.cz platform as part of his investments in projects aimed at moving forward education in the Czech Republic. Within the platform, he founded his own project, This project makes studying abroad more accessible, not only in America, but also in Great Britain, Poland, Austria, and Germany. The main aim is to initiate changes in the education system, and link projects that are trying to make positive change but by themselves do not have the strength to do it.

He is also the owner of the Futurum Secondary School of Education in Prague. In this school he and his strategic partners are gradually creating an environment for successful digitization and modernization of education. He managed to establish cooperation with the regions, which he considers as key for success. As part of the xFlow project, he is also involved in connecting students with companies.

“TEDx gives the space to create sensible ideas and topics that can excellently inspire others. I also appreciate the TEDx format itself. I focus mainly on topics related to education and, therefore, I am glad that I have the opportunity to speak at TEDxPragueED.”- Tomáš Jízdný

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