Petr Horký

The witness of the civilizations’ collapse


It was not really a coincidence that director and polar explorer Petr Horký was born 50 years after the invention of the fridge. Petr reached the Northern Pole on foot, travelled through Greenland, visited the Pole of Cold in Siberia and crossed the frozen Lake Khövsgöl. After the Velvet Revolution, whereas some tried their luck starting their own businesses, he started travelling. Since then, Petr has visited about a hundred countries and directed about the same number of movies.

During his travels, he’s been thinking a lot about the topic of collapses of big civilizations and the similarities with the current one. Although Petr is not one of those predicting the end of the world, Petr’s sure, that our future is not what it used to be. Something that has never happened in the history of man is happening. The changes of the world as we know it are only a hair's breadth away, who’s behind all of this?

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