Linda Jandejsková

Documentary filmmaker and founder of the Cyril Mooney School in the Czech Republic


Being 20 years old, Linda moved to New York where she studied art and documentary film. One of those films led her to Calcutta in India, where she met Sister Cyril Mooney, a visionary educator with charisma. Cyril and her radical thinking combined with a human approach to education inspired Linda deeply.

She founded the Cyril Mooney School, here in the Czech Republic, as an organization that provides adaptation of this method in Czech schools, offers tools and inspiration to the community of educators and anyone else who strives to use this method. She also has part in the origin of an international institute in Canada, which should further mediate and develop the method. She also continues to work as a documentary filmmaker.

"TEDx is the melting pot of different cultures and realities. It inspires me to attend these unique worlds and experience them through the wonderful stories told by many different speakers. They show us how big is the human will and the desire for inner happiness.” – Linda Jandeskova

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