Heřman Volf

Pioneer on a way to dreams


Heřman Volf likes to make his dreams come true. When he had an idea to ride a bike to Paris, under the Triumphal Arch, he just did it. It was a triumph and Heřman continued criss-crossing Europe on his bike, from Roma to Oslo. He has inspired many people and helped them get into the spirit as well – never mind, how much life messed up with them. Unexpectedly, the Way to Dreams, which is what Heřman Volf’s NGO is called, has become the way to dreams of many other people.

He is now in charge of the longest bike marathon in Czechia, has come up with the unique concept of “handy quadrathlon” and specialised sports training, also organizes experience events. Heřman has found the meaning of his life in helping the others finding the courage – “In the end, you’re not only helping the other person, but yourself,” says Heřman often. And he knows his stuff well as he sometimes needs a helping hand as well.

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