Behind the Success of Truck Platooning Challenge

Dirk-Jan de Bruijn TEDxPrague 2016

Dirk-Jan de Bruijn explains what made the Truck Platooning Challenge during the Dutch presidency of EU a great success. Wide cooperation and leadership, having vision and taking action are among the key underlying principles. De Bruijn is a Dutch businessman, economist and visionary whose biggest hobby is converting a plate of spaghetti into a plate of asparagus. He enjoys making ordinary things into the extraordinary, something which is appreciated by the local government, who hired him for the project European Truck Platooning Challenge. The project aims to make the theme of future logistics more attractive and to make the Netherlands a new age centre of mobility in which humanity will benefit from fully automated vehicles. Dirk means to bring his message to attendees of TEDx Prague and to dazzle them with his liveliness and passion for his cause, which are apparently dangerously contagious.

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