10. November 2018

TEDxPrague 2018



About the Event

When was the last time you did a somersault? We mean literally get on the floor and roll, just for the fun of it? And when was the last time you experienced one in your life? Perhaps it was an abrupt end of a long lasting relationship or a realisation, that the career you've spent years building is no longer for you. How has it changed you and your perspectives and how have you coped with that?

Sudden, unexpected and often radical changes sometimes befall us, seemingly out of nowhere and they can have a profound effect on anything, from the entire human society, economics, politics, environment, science and art to our personal and professional lives, our dreams, values and plans. As with somersaults, these changes can go both ways - forwards and backwards. Their impact can be positive or negative. They can change the world or just our perception of it.

On a lighter note, a somersault can be understood simply as that silly thing kids do. A lively stunt that can transport us into the world of playfulness, simple joy and awe. Something that might help us see things through a child’s eye and learn something from the experience.

Somersaults require a change of pose, certain amount of effort and a little bit of courage. You need to put both your mind and body into it and just take a leap. They're not that easy, but they can be good for you and they can be fun. If nothing else they might change the angle from which you see the world.

Let’s take a deeper look at these transformations. How they occur, how they affect us and how can we deal with them?


Forum Karlín
Pernerova 51-53
186 00 Praha 8


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Your ticket allows you to fully enjoy the all-day conference TEDxPrague 2018: Somersaults. You’ll hear 15 inspirational talks by Czech and foreign speakers and will be pleased if you enjoy some somersaults even during various side activities.

Note: the conference will be simultaneously translated to English.


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