04. November 2017

TEDxPrague 2017

Brave New World


About the Event

TEDxPrague 2017: Brave New World will take us into the past, present and future, of course.


Because today's world is changing faster than ever. New technologies intertwine our lives and invisibly modify our everyday existence. What looked like a distant future 30 years ago is now here and present.

The rise of new technologies also has its bright and dark sides. We can discuss any topic from anywhere, anytime and with anyone in the World, but privacy has becomes almost an extinct species. We can alter DNA of plants and help increase of agricultural yield, but we cannot control who and how will be able to manipulate genetic information of what. New types of jobs and kinds of work appear everyday but many more are disappearing due to automation. We will probably face a radical change of our societies soon.

Is it possible to separate positive aspects of technological progres from the negatives? Can humankind controll the development of technology or are we becoming its victims? What can we do to accomodate the fast changes in our personal lives? And what can we do as a society? We'll try to tackle all these questions during TEDxPrague 2017.

Don't hesitate and get a ticket soon!

Standard ticket price is 1444 CZK.

What do you get for the price?

  • You'll become part of a conference connecting worlds and ideas worth spreading.
  • On 4th November 2017 from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm in Forum Karlín, you'll experience a day of inspiring talks, activities, networking and fun. 
  • You'll understand every sentence, every Czech talk will be simultaneously intepreted and of course, there'll also be international speakers. 
  • We really want you to feel great all day long – refreshments will be ready for you from the breakfast till late afternoon 
  • You'll have a chance to take part in many interactive side activities and workshops
  • And last but not least, we want to meet in person and make friends :-) Like every year, TEDxPrague 2017 will finish with an afterparty and we won't get thirsty or hungry, you bet.


Forum Karlín
Pernerova 51-53
186 00 Praha 8


We wish to provide you with a traditionally varied programming, and some surprises, of course. Names of the speakers will be published gradually.